Intasure Questionnaire Claims Ongoing 

Intasure are positioning themselves to be the leading short-term insurance broker in providing its customers with a number of niche products, e.g. marine insurance, tour insurance, that compliments their general capability as a general short-term insurer.


Intasure have set themselves some challenging goals which will only be achieved if they achieve superior customer satisfaction.


Due to your claim recently being settled we would like you to take some time and complete the following questionnaire. This will give Intasure (Pty) Ltd the necessary information to provide you with outstanding service in the future.


Please take 2 min & complete the following questionnaire as honestly as possible.

There are 11 questions in this survey.
Intasure - Proactive insurance people
This section of the questionnaire is to enable Intasure to better understand their clients based on demographic information. No personally identifiable information will be provided to Intasure:  the confidentiality of your responses is guaranteed.

* How long have you been a client of Intasure and its associated companies
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* Which of INTASURE’s services have you used IN THE LAST 6 MONTHS? (Select all that apply)
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* How would you describe Intasure’s role in brokering your short-term insurance?
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* Please read through the questions and select the answer that most
    accurately reflects how you feel using the rating scale: Strongly
    Agree (SA), Agree (A), Disagree (D), Strongly Disagree (SD) or Don’t Know/Not Applicable (NA)
  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree NA
Responsiveness: Intasure staff return my calls promptly
Availability: I can easily get hold of someone at Intasure who can help me
Performance: The turnaround times for issuing a policy or administering my claim are exceptional
Correctness: Intasure staff get it right first time
Helpfulness: The staff at Intasure who help me are courteous
Communication: Intasure keeps me informed on the progress of claims and / or new application, e.g. delays, expected resolution times, and reason for the delay
Understanding: Intasure staff clearly explain to me process to be followed in processing my claim
Features: The service that Intasure provides is comprehensive enough to meet all my needs
Fairness: My claim was settled fairly
Competence: Intasure staff who deal with me are competent in providing me with service
* Please comment on the reasons for providing your responses in rating Intasure:
Have you used Intasure’s website? Yes/No
* Please select the features of Intasure’s current and proposed product offering that you would
    most value (select all that apply):
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* These questions relate to your overall experience of Intasure & its products / services:
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Satisfaction: Overall, I am very satisfied with the Intasure’s products services
Recommendable: I would tell others that Intasure provides superior products and services when compared to other short-term insurance brokers
Repurchase: I would use another insurance brokerage if I could
* Comment: What one specific improvement could Intasure make to have the most significant impact on
    their relationship with you:
* If you had to give Intasure Management advice on ONE aspect where they should focus their
    attention most, what would it be?
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* Please select any issues that may prevent you from recommending Intasure’s short-term insurance
    brokerage service to others?
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