Intasure & Nazareth House

By: Intasure | 6 July 2018 Share:

Today was a day to be very proud of being Intasure.

It has also been a day to reflect on just how lucky we are.

Nazareth House Cape Town currently has 35 distressed children and orphans in their care.

These children each have one set of summer pyjamas and staff are struggling to keep these children warm, dry and clean in what has been the coldest and wettest winter in Cape Town for many years.

Shirley became aware of this desperate situation yesterday morning and started the ball rolling with Ishmail immediately springing into action at her side.

At Intasure we can really get things done when we want to and, this morning, Shirley, Ishmail, Debbie, Belinda and I were privileged and humbled to be able to deliver some comfort to these children.

Intasure provided each child with a warm set of winter pyjamas purchased specifically for each of them in the correct sizes and Ishmail , our superstar charity man , had (by this morning) sourced and provided not only gloves, scarves and beanies for each child but also a set of face clothes wrapped around a soap, a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste.

When we audited the pyjamas before delivery, we found that one little boy had been left out and Odete offer to shoot out and get one for us – which she did.

Getting all of this done in less than 24 hours has been a remarkable team effort from Intasure and one we can all be very proud of.

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