The importance of checks before hiring

By: Intasure | 7 February 2022 Share:

Employing staff to work on your property is not a decision to be taken lightly – for many reasons. The job description of a domestic or garden helper can be immense, often involving the care of the elderly, children, housework or perhaps ongoing maintenance at your home or property. 

Whether you are still working from home or back in the office, many people have help in and around their home during the day and on weekends. Some of the times this is with the homeowner being present and at other times not. Choosing reliable and loyal domestic or contract helpers is essential to safeguarding your home and family, whether you are home or not.

One way of ensuring proper checks is to hire staff through a reputable agency. Unfortunately, even references from family or friends is not a fail-safe these days. Prior employer checks is an absolute pre-requisite before hiring. 

Safety check-list must have’s: 
– Full names with a recent photo
– Clear certified copy of identity document
– Residential address and next of kin contacts
– Fact checked and contacted references
– Police clearance and/or criminal record check

It is important to consider all facts to ensure that the working relationship is mutually beneficial and safe for your family and that there are no red flags for potential problems. 

Once you have made your hiring decision, you must equip your helpers with the knowledge and tools that they may need to protect themselves and those in their care. Ensure that you inform them about panic buttons and emergency numbers to contact, this could prove invaluable in an emergency. 

Article with thanks to Fidelity ADT.

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