Trustees made to pay out of their own pocket

Are you aware that body corporate trustees can be held personally liable for the shortfall in insurance in the case of underinsurance, as a result of an erroneous valuation? But how can this occur if the body corporate has trustee liability cover in place? Let’s have a loo

7 Reasons Why Remote Work is Here to Stay

I wonder if the world has ever experienced such an instant and steep learning curve? There can be no doubt that upheaval of this magnitude will lead to the demise of many things. It’ll also give rise to many others. Both groups (Rise and Demise) will contain things that we will

Covid-19 and General Liability Insurance

Everyone is feeling the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and responding in different ways. Businesses across South Africa are rapidly implementing policies to comply with government regulations in an attempt to minimize the spread of the virus. Countless uncertainties arise for t

Three questions to help manage insurance in lockdown

Three questions to help manage insurance in lockdown As email inboxes and WhatsApp groups clutter up with advice of how to cope with COVID-19 Christelle Colman, Insurance Expert at Old Mutual Insure, suggests three simple questions to help guide consumers’ in these unprecedente

Four questions to ask before buying business insurance

When you’re busy starting a small business, it can be easy to forget about – or ignore – the importance of business insurance.  While you’re busy juggling your staff, suppliers, cashflow, marketing and clients, business insurance can all too easily fall into the “too

Insurance and risk in an age of social media

With over 16-million Facebook users alone in South Africa, social interaction increasingly involves the conscious – and also unconscious – exchange of personal information online. Apart from the obvious security risks, “social media users often don’t realise that insurers

Understanding the misconceptions of vehicle insurance

Does picking a red vehicle mean you have a higher risk of an accident? And will this influence your insurance premium? There are many myths surrounding vehicle insurance and, like all myths, some are truer than others! It’s important to bust the ‘bad’ ones and be cognisant

Are you crossing the border in your car this festive season ?

Citizens of the South Africa travelling to Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, the Kingdom of eSwatini and Mozambique should remember the following documents needed at the borders of the country.The media desk from the South African Revenue Services (SARS) urges travellers to keep the fo

What insurance do you need as an Airbnb host?

Airbnb launched in South Africa in 2015. Since then, the number of home hosts has grown to more than 35 000 with South Africans pocketing more than R3.8 billion over this time. The ripple effect of this booming Airbnb community has also proved significant, resulting in an economi

Why you need to update your insurance

There’s a saying that’s floating around the insurance industry… Incorrect details = incorrect cover. Basically, what it means is that your info builds your policy and so if the info is wrong, then the policy’s wrong. More than that, the premium that you pay is calculated