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Extract from Intasure’s Service Level Agreement

    1. Remuneration
      1. Section 3A(1)(a) of the FAIS General Code of Conduct provides that a financial services provider or its representatives may only receive or offer the following financial interest from or to a third party:
        1. Commission authorised under the Short Term Insurance Act [ STIA ] (advice and intermediary services).
        2. Fees authorised under the STIA (outsource and binder).
        3. Fees for rendering a financial service iro which commission or fees (as above) are not paid, provided that those fees:
          1. are specifically agreed to by the client in writing; and
          2. may be stopped at the discretion of that client.
      2. Fees for the rendering of a service to a third party, which are reasonably commensurate to the service being rendered.
      3. Our remuneration will be reflected on your Policy Schedule and may comprise money
      1. Paid to Intasure by Insurers
        1. Commission due as a result of placing your business with them
        2. the refund of administrative costs undertaken by Intasure on behalf of insurers
      2. Paid to Intasure by IOM Epic
        1. Participation in the interest earned on premiums held in their bank accounts prior to transmission on to insurers
      3. Paid to Intasure by You
      1. Intasure offers services and products well beyond that of most brokerages and well beyond those considered to be included by the FAIS General Code of Conduct.
      2. Fees for additional services (wide of those contemplated as being included in our commission received in terms of FAIS) are reflected on your policy schedule as “Intasure Fee”.
      3. These services include but are not limited to the following:
        1. We provide significantly enhanced efficiencies for our clients via insurer mandates which enable us to (within certain limits) conduct insurance transactions and settle insurance claims on behalf of insurers from within our own officers.
        2. We have developed value added benefits and products such as our various Intasure White Label Products that are unique to Intasure clients.
        3. We have designed client loyalty programmes as well as a number of non-underwritten products such as our Intasure App which , amongst other things , provides access to 24-hour emergency services.
        4. We provide legal and compliance management that is rigorously pursued via independent / external audit and scrutiny.
        5. We analyse our client base to identify and address underwriting segments according to risk profile.
        6. We actively participate in liaising with insurance companies , surveyors, monitoring survey requirements and ensuring reasonable outcomes for all parties.
        7. We provide bank confirmations and correspond with other third parties as required by our clients.
        8. We assist in the accessing of external professionals (valuation experts, engineering consultants and the like) when required.
        9. We create, provide and maintain documents and spreadsheets unique to specific client requirements.
        10. Where appropriate, we provide training to our client’s staff.
        11. We assist in the monitoring and managing of loss ratios and the addressing of claims trends.
      4. Where we have, in the past & prior to the implementation of this agreement, levied such a fee it has always been reflected on your policy schedule and will continue to be levied in future.


  1. Additional Services
  1. We shall, if possible, provide you with additional services upon your request.  Such services shall only be rendered if you agree to our proposed fee, for rendering such additional services